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Analytical Chemist Inc. is dedicated to providing the industries comprehensive and accuracy in breathing compressed air testing solutions.  Analytical Chemist Inc. team of professional and qualified lab experts specialize in the analysis of compressed air and gas used for breathing air, manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and medical facilities.  Our field team is equipped and readily available to support all of your compressed air testing needs.  In effort to support your critical needs, Analytical Chemist Inc has engineered and designed a simple user-friendly air sampling kit that will capture the necessary compressed air and gas samples for purity analysis.  These kits are designed to provide you with the minimal amounts of connections, while providing safest and simplest sampling procedures available in the industry.

Analytical Chemist Inc accommodates Compressed Air & Gas Testing Specifications to the industries most stringent requirements including:   ISO 8573, NFPA 1989, NFPA 99, OSHA, CGA, CSA, and more.  In addition to proving you with Certifications for your samples, our team of specialists are trained to further analyze your supply system for trouble-shooting, technical and repair support on various types of equipment.  Breathing Compressed Air Testing available in 24-48 hour turn-around.  Contact us today to learn more about of system performance evaluation and testing!  (888) 724-7522.

Certification | Testing & Accuracy

Analytical Chemist Inc provides services for critical applications across the world!  Our patented breathing compressed air testing process and laboratory equipment offers the highest quality of sample analysis available in the industry.   Supported by a team of dedicated and trained professionals, we are confident our testing procedures will deliver repeatable accuracy for all of your sampling needs.   Call us today to schedule your next Air Analysis Test!  (888) 724-7522

Industry Experts! Analytical Chemist Inc is your single source for Air Quality Certifications and Technical System Support!

Nationwide Service Centers

Analytical Chemist Inc provides air quality analysis for thousands of applications worldwide.  Using our patented Air Analysis Sample Kit designed with the industries most configured safety features, anyone can confidently perform their own samples or select an authorized service center from our network of trained and authorized technicians.  We are your trusted experts for all breathing compressed air testing and service programs.  Maintenance to the Compressed Air Supply Equipment is critical.  Analytical Chemist Inc partners with trained service professionals that can maintain, repair and improve the efficiency of your system.  Our authorized service center are here to provide a turn-key service, installation and certification testing for all of your system needs!  Call us today for a system evaluation.  (888) 724-7522

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