Sport Diving

Sport Diving

Sport Diving Breathing Air Program

Fast & Simple Testing Available from Analytical Chemist Inc!  We will mail you a Sport Diving Breathing Air Sampling Kit.  After sampling the system, you will return the entire kit to us.  Most analysis are completed within 24 hours of receiving the samples.  IMPORTANT–> Failures are reported immediately and you will be contact by phone from one of our laboratory technicians.  A report is then loaded into your online account, e-mailed or fax to your office.  Analytical Chemist will also include a hard copy of the report with the certification report by mail (on request).  Should a test fail from your Sport Diving Breathing Air Sample, our team will will review the results in detail, recommend solutions, and quickly send another kit once the system evaluation and repairs have been completed.

  • Patented Sport Diving Breathing Air Analysis Kits are capable of sampling high pressure as well as low pressure SCUBA, SCBA filling systems. OCA (Oxygen Compatible Air) systems are also possible.
  • Compact, lightweight and rugged kits are easy to use!  Contains no glass (with the exception of a dragger tubes) no inlet orifices to replaceable, flow meters or regulators to complicate your sampling.
  • High efficiency sub-micron depth filters are contained in a clear rugged housing in order to allow instant examination.  A perfect test device for critical Oil Mist + Particulate problems; allows immediate recognition of contaminants.  Provides guidance for repairs immediately without waiting for a formal report.  The appearance of a filter after sampling is a crucial indicator, and it should always be examined before returned.
  • Each of our sampling kits are tested for cleanliness before they are packaged in re-sealable air-tight packaging prior to shipping.
  • DOT approved sample containers!  The bulk air sample is obtained in our compact lightweight container which meets DOT  &  IATA criteria for shipping on all aircraft.
  • Simple Testing Procedures!  Although operation of our patented kits are self-testing by design, ACI includes a step-by-step color-coded instructions with guided photographs.
  • Shipping is included for all US territories and Domestic locations.  NOTE:  Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico are subject to additional shipping costs.
  • Upon completion of your sampling, simply return the Sport Diving Breathing Air Analysis Kit back to our lab for analysis and certification.
  •  Overseas Applications:  The Sport Diving Breathing Air Analysis Kit is available for purchase.  This allows for a cost effective way to reduce shipping cost, taxes and custom fees.


Sport Diving Breathing Air Analysis Report

Analytical Chemist Inc certification report is easy to read.  Comprehensive QA/QC is performed in each test by our certified and trained laboratory experts.

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