U.S. Military Program

Our Universal Kit allows a single person to pull a sample from any compressor (LP, MP, and HP) without help. Most specifications are completed in 24 hrs, and reported via fax or emailed the same day Failures are reported immediately. If a sample fails, we will tell you why, offer suggestions, and send another air kit after repairs have been made.

A Sampling Kit that no other sampling kit in the U.S. can match in its’ capabilities.

  • Our patented Universal Air Sampling Kit can sample nearly any system. Whether it’s low pressure or high pressure, ship board or shore based we have you covered.
  • Our patented features let you control the air flow without having to stand next to the console despite the pressure swings as the compressor cycles. It has built-in fail-safe features that prevent injury with sudden high pressure spikes. This is especially important aboard dive boats with smaller compressors or sampling directly off a port that does not have a convenient flow control.
  • Our reports are uncluttered, easy to read, and contain everything you need to know.
  • It can be used in conjunction with our 10 place Drager tube holder for on-site analysis.
  • Our sampling kits contain a variety of adapters to fit a variety of situations.
  • The kit is simple to use; it comes with colored photographs and instructions that require no training.
  • Contact us for pricing.

Laboratory Analysis & Experience

A good sampling kit without proper laboratory support limits the usefulness of the kit. We have a complete laboratory backed up with analytical protocols and effective QA programs.

Our capabilities include sampling closed spaces, deep submergence systems, hyperbaric chambers, diving bells and mix gas systems. We are capable of meeting a wide range of specifications.