US Military works with Analytical Chemist Inc. (update 4/2020)

Each Navy breathing air compressor has its air analyzed by either the Navy contract lab (usually at no cost to the command but at a high cost to the Navy) or by an independent laboratory (for a small fee). There are many times and reasons why an independent laboratory is a much better choice than the Navy contract lab. For example, if your air fails, we do a repeat analysis for FREE*.
Analytical Chemist Inc. – Fast & Effective
We are a private lab; we will get the job done faster, more completely, and at your convenience. After you pull one sample, you will be spoiled with its simplicity, versatility and effectiveness.
1. READY NOW: Give us an authorization (Government Credit Card or purchase order) and we will send you our Universal Air Sampling. You control your own schedule. Order kits only when you need them.
2. DEPENDABLE: Our kit always contains enough sample. You will never again get a failure because of insufficient sample and pay the cost in time and frustration.
3. FLEXIBLE SAMPLING KIT: Our patented kit lets you sample any LP or HP system 2 – 5000 psi compressors) in any combination without changing parts.
4. SIMPLE: Our Kits require no training; only one person is needed to sample. Instructions are by-the-numbers on a single sheet with color photographs.
5. TECHNICALLY CORRECT: Unlike any other air sampling kit, our patented kit does not use critical orifices which need changing for different compressors. You should know that even a small piece of Teflon tape can plug the inlet of the Navy’s contractor kit.
6. RUGGED AND SAFE: Our equipment is very compact. It is all metal, and has a minimum of 2 fail-safe components for safety. Our canisters are self-purging, self-sealing, pressure indicating, and hold over 300 cc’s of air. It is fail-safe and meets all DOT and IATA criteria for shipping by passenger aircraft.
7. ALWAYS READY: Our goal is to ensure that you will always be able to take a sample. We include spare parts, plus an extra canister and filter in case you decide to sample an additional air system. Remember, we only charge for samples actually submitted for analysis.
8. INSTANT RESULTS for Oil & Particulate: Our analytical filter is in a clear housing; if you have an Oil Mist, Particulate or free-water problem, you will discover it immediately. This allows you to do repairs and resample the same day using our spare filter and canister, without waiting for the “failure report”, having to order a rush replacement from the Navy contract lab, and waiting for the kit to arrive.
9. FAST & COMPLETE REPORT: We analyze all Navy diver’s air samples in 24 hrs. We FAX, mail our reports the next day. If you are at sea, we will email the reports so that you can print them out at your convenience on your inkjet printer. Emergencies, are always performed and reported the same day. If you have a failure, we will tell you what the cause was and suggest what to fix.
10. COST EFFECTIVE: We save NAVSEA a lot of money because our kit is lighter to ship, and holds more sampling supplies (6 in our kit, only 4 in the Navy’s TRI kit). Although we see very few true failures, our canister has enough air to allow double-checks on all failures. If you have a failure, we will suggest how to solve the problem, send a new kit and repeat the analysis for FREE (you only pay for shipping)*.

We are here to help you meet your mission. You can always call, FAX, or email us for immediate, assistance no matter where you are. Our sampling and analysis program is without equal. Our service will always be faster and more complete because you will always be dealing directly with an organization that is interested in meeting your needs without a runaround and a lot of paper work.

Contact our local service center if you are unable to resolve a contamination issue. Contact us if you need the name of a technical specialist located in your area.