About Us

Analytical Chemists, Inc is an independent laboratory located in San Diego, California.  Since 1989 our primary business has been the analysis of gases (Life Support Air, Oxygen, Nitrox, Heli-Ox, Medical Air, Manufacturing Air, and High Purity Gases), which are sampled through the use of our analytically correct sampling kits. Our world-wide clients include diving operations (sport and commercial), fire departments, military organizations (combat and shipyard support), hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and gas suppliers.


What Makes Us Unique- The U.S. Military and Military Contractors

  • 25 years of constant personal contact with Navy and Marine Divers at every level: Saturation, Salvage, Naval Shipyards, Navy Diving Schools, EOD units, SEAL teams, Submarines, and the Deep Submergence Unit.  With several Navy bases only minutes away, we have been able to personally sample nearly every type of air system that the US Navy deploys.  We have even sampled open dive bells at 50 ft underwater. 
  • Military contractors like Northrop, Lockheed, General Dynamics and Hughes Aircraft have relied on us for support with special gas systems for space vehicles.
  • We are the only commercial laboratory in the US that can bring all that hands-on experience to compressed gas projects.
  • We are also the only company in the industry that can offer air & gas sampling equipment for all situations in addition to laboratory analysis


Testing the Emergency Breathing System of the DSRV Mystic
(Navy Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle) circa 1990

Pressure testing a Centaur Rocket

Off gas testing of a one atmosphere suit

Testing of a hyperbaric chamber for the US Navy