SUMMARY: Sampling compressed air can always be dangerous. Preventing an injury from the improper use of our sampling kit is accomplished with 3 safety features that prevent over-pressurization.

During development of our sampling kits, we tested them at 3500 psi in every way possible. We even investigated the weaknesses of each design by high pressure testing with all the safety features purposely disabled. The end result was a design that protected the parts by completely preventing over pressurization. We did this without compromising the ability of the sampling device to avoid all the technical problems that other sampling kits have.

We accomplished this with a re-seating pressure relief valve and a sacrificial rupture film on the sampler block as well as a sacrificial rupture film on the canisters. Although our sampling protocol is to reduce the compressed air system to about 800 psi before connecting the parts of our kits, we wanted to be sure that the kit would survive inadvertent use at 3700 psi.

We did this by connecting the assembled sampler block directly to a 3700 psi industrial gas cylinder and then suddenly opened the cylinder valve to instantaneously bring the full pressure and enormously high air flow into the sampler block. This proved that all the safety features worked to prevent a problem.

In short, neither the sampler block nor the canisters in any of our sampling kits can be over-pressurized.