NITROGEN Analysis Test Kit


  • Patented Universal Air Sampling Kit is compact, light weight and simple to use!
  • Analytical Chemist Inc sampling kits are tested and guaranteed for cleanliness and performance!
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Nitrogen Analysis Test Kit enables you to quickly sample and receive certification results in less than 48 Hours!

Patented Universal Air Sampling Kit

  • Gas chromatograhphy is our standard mething for testing the purity of your Nitrogen samples.
  • Technique – Using Flame Ionization Detector FID and Thermal Conductivity Detector TCD
  • NITROGEN Analysis Test kits are cleaned & tested, packaged in resealable protective covers.
  • Simple to use with color-coded and visual step-by-step instructions for ease of sampling.
  • Contact our office for ordering and shipping cost (low-cost, based on your site requirements)


Importance of Identifying Nitrogen Purity in a System?

  • Over specifying the Nitrogen purity will result in a wasteful and expensive generation cost
  • Under specifying the purity may introduce unwanted levels of  oxygen and potentially compromise your process.
  • Depending on your Industry, application and/or process; Purity levels may vary – consult your provider.


Laboratory Certifications for your samples, our team of specialists are trained to further analyze your supply system for trouble-shooting, technical and repair support on various types of equipment.   As your trusted partner, Analytical Chemist Inc provides all the technical, engineering, and system design support to ensure the highest quality of your breathing air delivery.  Nitrogen Analysis Test Kit

Contact us today to learn more about our onsite system performance evaluation and testing!  (888) 724-7522.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 6 in
Grade E Breathing Air Test

Grade E Breathing Air Test